Criminal Justice Jobs Homepage

Criminal justice jobs are incredibly competitive and hard to find. Since crime is a present occurrence everywhere in the world and despite the leaps we have made in technology, we need competent and able officers on our side.

They use the very same technology we enjoy to leave no trace, making them much difficult to pin than before. Therefore, criminal justice jobs are extremely important. Without these jobs, society on the whole will be operating on a crutch.

The field of criminal justice employs millions of people in U.S. alone who work everyday to help keep the public protected. Case in point are DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agents who infiltrate drug cartels, in order to nab and curb the supply of drugs or police officers who are to respond quickly to a hostage crisis situation.

Similarly, a DSA (Department of Homeland Security) agent typically handles and prevents terrorist plots. Lastly, a U.S. Marshall assists individuals who are under the Witness Protection Program.

In the technical aspect of the field, there are also crime scene operatives who are the ones who typically discover little bits and pieces on evidence that lead to a successful verdict. Aside from government employment, those who have taken criminal justice credentials can also be a private investigator either for an insurance agency.

What Criminal Justice Jobs Entail

Criminal justice jobs are noble work. They help catch law offenders and makes your community a safer place to live in.

Criminal justice jobs may involve detailed, meticulous work such as gathering evidence, analyzing crime scenes, conducting investigations, arresting crime perpetrators, defending or prosecuting offenders, and as well as enacting punishments.

The good thing about entering this field is that you don’t have to necessarily become a lawyer, police officer, or judge to find a related job to criminal justice. In fact, one of the main reasons that this field has been pretty much sought-after by many is due the variety of jobs you can pick from.

The Rise of Criminal Justice Jobs

Working in this field has been of trend these past years, which has been evident in the rise of TV series featuring plot lines revolving in the line of work of criminal justice. One can definitely say that the allure of seeing such work in television is not just based mere fictional thrill, but it heightens our knowledge of social context in a world that hands out justice dutifully to those who deserve it.

In reality, however, the danger is real and yet many of our fellow countrymen put their lives on the line to make the streets a safer place for the public. The work may be difficult oftentimes and handling such turbulent subject matter on a daily basis can take an emotional toll.

Despite this, many workers in this line will tell you that the fulfillment their work provides them on a professional and personal basis far outweighs the sacrifices they have to make for their work.

Where Criminal Justice Jobs Are

Most of these jobs are often found in government agencies. From federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, DEA, and DHS, among others, these departments often hire agents from the criminal justice field. These agencies employ psychologists, investigators, lawyers, forensic scientists, and lab workers, to name a few.

There are also local and state government agencies that offer criminal justice jobs in police departments and judicial departments. However, you may also expand your job search outside of government agencies.

There are many private companies out there that hire people with expertise in criminal justice for a variety of reasons. This may be due to a desire to protect their employees, property, or customers. Private business jobs related to this field includes security guard officers, corporate security directors, and investigators, among others.

Criminal Justice Jobs Tips

Many people enter the field of criminal justice each year. The appeal of fighting crime and serving justice are some of the primary reasons why a lot of individuals pursue a career here. However, you don’t necessarily have to become a detective or police officer to find work in this field since there is a broad array of criminal justice jobs you can choose from.

Related jobs in this field can be found at government agencies, private investigation firms, corrections facilities, law enforcement agencies, and as well as in private businesses. The great thing about this is that you can more easily match your personal skills and interests.

If your strengths are in analyzing data and research, you might want to consider working in a crime lab in order to utilize their skills. Conversely, if you’re the outgoing type who doesn’t want to be tied to your desk and do paperwork, you can always opt for a career as a patrol agent or similar positions that require being on the field.

Many frequently assume that a career in criminal justice automatically means that they have to work either in a federal agency or a local or state police department. However, these choices are limited and a good number of private businesses also employ criminal justice workers. From security firms to cyber security companies, these industries are rife with opportunities.

Typically, criminal justice jobs do not necessarily requires years and years of formal education. Many entry-level security and law enforcement jobs out there only require either a certification or associate’s degree. For federal agency jobs, a bachelor’s degree would usually suffice. Once you gain a couple of years of experience, you can opt to go back to school and earn an advanced degree. A good deal of organizations usually assists with tuition expenses for qualified employees.